What the fuck Are you retarded? Are you really looking up orange? It’s a fucking color or fruit like what the fuck?
Hey Gabe why the fuck is this guy looking up orange?
by Big w1ener April 3, 2019
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Area in essex county, New Jersey made up of Orange, South Orange, East Orange, and West Orange.
by M-easy July 5, 2003
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1.Citrus fruit. (Yummy)

2.Smexy in a way that makes you look like a gorilla.

3. Best word ever!

Oranges is a word.

by felkgnkerjgn December 2, 2007
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Oranging is when someone (generally and annoying know-it-all) bursts (uninvited) into a conversation.
Jason and I were like "Apples apples apples.." "Apples?"
Then Keith was all "ORANGES!"
by layziekayzie August 25, 2006
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From New Jersey. The hood, ghetto, or depressed area.
Let's go down to Orange for some White Castle and drugs.

Make sure you keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked in Orange.
by Dan A. August 20, 2004
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a fat version of a tangerine that doesn't taste as good and is harder to peel
I wish i had a tangerine because it takes too long to peel this orange
by angie December 10, 2004
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