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Being your uncle tonight is about the sexiest thing there is. When you want to be someones uncle tonight, you dream about holding them tight, touching their body, kissing, more touching. That's what being an uncle is all about. If there is anyone looking through your window when you're naked or when it's raining; that person probably wants to be your uncle, or he's just a pervert.
You're not a pervert if you want to be an uncle!
*It's raining and you're changing clothes*

Uncle: *Looks through the window*
You: Who tf are you?

Uncle: My baby love, you are a friendly girl.

You: Get the fuck out of here!

Uncle: I saw you at school today, and you were looking good.
You: I'm calling the police!

Uncle: I had a boner this morning, while the falling rain was falling down the window. I mastubated to you. I want to be your uncle tonight.
*uncle climbs in the window and begins holding you tight*
by gayishomo March 6, 2019
Danish people say some retardet things. They use this as another way to deny something. It’s like saying nej, but just a longer version of it.
Bob: Did you fuck my wife?
Lars: Nej
Bob: you’re not very convincing. My wife looks like she got absolutely pounded.
Lars: Niksen Biksen
Bob: You don’t sound more convincing, saying that...
by gayishomo February 1, 2019
It's the opposite of an apple
Not to be political or anything, but what the fuck is an orange?
by gayishomo January 23, 2019