Nightmare of every man.
Doctors propose it as the last resort in case of gangrene, or dick cancer.
-Whats with that dickless Jason? He cries like a girl all the time.
-He had a cancer and suffered from dick amputation. So he's literally dickless
by dildo777 June 5, 2019
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The act of "rubbing one out" without the use of hands. This can be done various different ways. The most popular way is grinding against one's own pants.
Ricky was busy playing guitar, so he used The Amputated Hand trick.
by Asher Levi September 16, 2010
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Amput was originated from Dayak Iban language which mean sex(verb). The words was used by people to insult their crush to have a sex relationship.
Example sentence :
"Kemari aku meda ea bamput enggau indu nya".
Translation :
"Yesterday, I saw him having a sex with that girl"

Example sentence:
"Umur kitai agi biak anang guai bamput, giga kereja dulu, baru ulih ngintu anak"
Translation :
" Please do a sex relationship cause our age is still young, find the job first so we can rise our children. "
by ivanzmar November 25, 2021
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Worthy of being amputated.
His leg is is so infected its amputable.

His penis is so infected its amputable.
by Slzgd June 28, 2022
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