Hands down the dopest girl out there. She makes "Amy" look basic af. She will always fight tooth and nail for her family and friends. She pours a great deal of time, effort, and energy into those that she loves and cherishes and doesn't take anything for granted. She values both appreciation and reciprocity as signs of acknowledgement of her kindness. Sometimes she may need a slight tap on her shoulder as a reminder for self-care. She strives to be optimistic but deep down she can have some insecurities. She's super smart, driven, generous and beautiful but she'll never admit it. She's really outgoing and openminded and is great at striking up conversations with anyone anywhere. If she doesn't know something, she takes the initiative to google it rather than asking what is it, which is really cool. She doesn't judge others for who they are and what they stand for. You ask for her attention but she'll give you her whole heart, just don't break it. She truly is the most loyal and amazing friend/companion you can ever wish for. Any guy would be extremely lucky to have this gal by their side.
Dang dawg I met an Ami yday and my lyfe changed 4ever!!!
by chubstahz November 23, 2021
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A bad bitch that gets everything she wants does not give a fuck what nobody gotta say cute, funny, and can dress
*That girl over there name is ami she a bad one*
by Why is u worried January 16, 2020
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Someone who is kind of quiet, yet can be very talkative with friends. Usually skinny girls, with a mixture of boy and girl friends. Ami's also have a very large range of music, and enjoy spending time outside. Ami's usually are attracted to emo guys, or guys who are into extreme sports such as surfing, skateboarding, bmx, or rollerblading. Ami's also can be found with football and hockey players as well.
-Boy-Who is that new girl with the ipod?
-Girl- Oh yeah thats Ami her name really fits her personality, right??
-Boy- Yeah deff!
by CarmenD123443464grh April 24, 2009
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You tend to help people even when it brings some inconvenience to you. You constantly strive for new knowledge and experiences. You’re extremely energetic and a little impatient. People like you are always called adventurers and daredevils, but at the same time, many won’t understand how often you feel nervous and how much you need help and protection sometimes. You desperately need recognition and acceptance because you often meet people who use your kindness. However, your strong inner core doesn’t let you become limp or even give up on people. You still continue to defend and protect those in need, except for the fact that you become a bit more cautious.

Desire to be protected, and be treated sincerely, like the feeling of being recognized and accepted. Sometimes you are overly nice, always being used by someone else, what you want is very simple, as long as others could give you sincere feelings.

But in fact, you know exactly who treats you well, who treats you bad, you know how distinguish, and understand what to love or what to hate.

You are not good at expressing, if your partner feels that your love is 30%, in fact, it is 50% or more than that. You will not be honest, you will dilute the expression of feelings, and suppress your emotions. You are not the person who never get angry, you suppress your bad temper for love. You get used to treat people nicely, you never know what selfishness is.

An Ami is very special
she is so amazing!

OMG she is an Ami!
by AngelicDarling October 17, 2019
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Ami's are amazing people they are away's there for you and make great friends, who you know you can depend on. Ami isn't a very common name and the personality of an Ami is very different from others, they are crazier and are a lot more fun than other girls. Ami is one of those people who you can tell them how you feel and they will understand (if you don't like something that they do such as boast or brag they will stop) Ami is beautiful and knows it she has the best/wildest personality in the world. You can always depend on an Ami.
Who's that girl she's beautiful?

Oh that's my best friend Ami she's amazing.
by Idiot in a jumpsuit October 1, 2019
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boy1: look at her
boy2 : yeah, she is amazing
boy1: She is Ami
by Unexpired gurl✨ September 6, 2019
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A German slang term for an American or Yankee. Usually derogatory, like how Americans sometime call Japanese: "Japs".
Karl- "Wer ist das?" (Who is that?)
Friedrich- "Er ist ein Ami" (He is an Ami)
by Pyoi Fyvoi March 1, 2014
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