A guy who will stay loyal for a girl who loves him. Loveable and romantic. Can be trusted.
Ameen?? He is a trusted man. I hope all guys could be like ameen.
by Sayitalways December 29, 2017
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He is a trust worthy person. Also the name of a genius. He is an anti-simp and would do anything to eradicate any simps. Ameen is very handsome.
Person 1: I trusted Ameen with my bank details and my bank account was never safer
Person 2: Wow! I heard he is really handsome and is a genius!
by Hdhdhehhfjdhdjd November 7, 2020
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a strong burly muscular man. he has a big cock and and gets all the bitches. like ali and hadi. he is so rich and has sluts in cages next to his pool. everyone wants to be like him. everyone envys him and wants to see his big cock.
i wish i could be like ameen.

i wish ameen was my dad
by baboon nigga April 5, 2019
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A person of small size that doesnt know how to cuss!
by Unhhhmhh FUCK!1##1 March 14, 2019
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A boy who is a brand ambassador of vimal enterprises, epic gamer god and what not
man 1: *sees vimal ad,holy shit its posted by ameen
man 2: yeah he's my friend
by officialghonchu June 1, 2019
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A cocky fucker who thinks he’s gods gift but looks like he’s been shat out by Donald Trump, also a fuckboy and is actual trash
Ameen? Ameen.
by Star doll34 November 27, 2017
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