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A true chad who believes that both genders are equal and thinks that women shouldn’t be held in a higher regard just because they’re female.

This may lead to some people thinking they’re douchebags because they don’t follow modern societal expectations for how each gender should be treated.

As a follower of ‘equal rights, equal fights’, they will be fully willing to fight anyone who they believe deserves it.
Steve: “Bro, that chick is so hot, if she sat on my face and suffocated me to death, I’d be okay with it.”

Bob: “Wtf, why are you such a simp?”

Steve: “Are you saying that you’ve never been horny before?”

Bob: “No, but that doesn’t mean I’d do anything for someone I found attractive. In fact, if she tried doing that to me, I’d have no trouble knocking her into next week!”

Steve: “Idk, dude, seems more douchebagish to me than anything.”

John: “Nah, it just means Bob is an anti-simp.”
by Lorekeeper GGuy May 01, 2020
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A man who supports true meaning of gender equality and totally oppose someone using "women privileges" when it suits them and complaints about someone "not being a man" when it is inconvenient.
In a question like:-
"How dare you slap a women just because she slapped you"
An anti-simp and supporter of true gender equality may reply as:-
First of all she slapped me for a no good reason at all, and you expected me to hold back?
But,no way you can hit a women like that...
"just man up a bit for once"
And the final blow of an anti-simp should be like:-
"If she dares to hit a man for no good reason and expect nothing back, then she is goddamn wrong because i believe in gender equality and for me a women is at the same level as any man.. so,
equal rights, equal fights! b*tch
by kazuma_01 August 27, 2020
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A man who rather than acting like a simp acts in ways opposite to a simp. Anti-simps typically hold themselves to a higher status than women and never chose women over their male friends. Being an anti-simp is typically associated with being a beta male though it is not quite as degrading as being considered a simp.
That guy is definitely an anti-simp, he never does anything nice for women.
by Pancake732 February 05, 2020
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A man so chadly and resistant to thots/egirls that he ascends beyond just being a normal male. Many believe he was sent by god unto this world to purge it of simps, beta males, orbiters, and male feminists.
Inside a game:

Simp: Can I get your discord my queen

Egirl: No I have a boyfriend you orbiter
Simp: *Insults her and goes away*

Later in the same game:

Egirl: Hey Anon, I lied to him about having a boyfriend, can you give me your discord?

Antisimp: You thot. I can’t do my homie like that. Gtfo you egirl no one cares about your discord except for orbiters.
by yippeekiyaymotherfucker January 23, 2021
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A guy who treats women like shit and thinks anyone who doesn't do the same is a simp because he can't comprehend the idea of being a good person and not just being nice to get favors.
Mark: Lauren I like your shirt!
Chad: ew Mark you're such a simp.
Lauren: No Chad you're just an anti-simp douchebag who fails to comprehend that not everyone is an ass like you.
by Nonbinary.Finn April 15, 2020
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An anti-simp has the same prospects as a simp, but shows his affection and love for the women in question in means of teasing and playfully being mean and/or being extremely mean. Also unlike a Simp anti-simps can have a personality.
Jess: "How was your boyfriend different from the other thirty guys online?"
Alexandra: "He was an Anti-Simp."
by Khprii's Son April 09, 2020
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