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Someone (mostly a trainee or low cost temp) who is been used by his boss to find all kind of information on the internet.
“Hey googleboy, can you find me some information about the following topic?”
by sugardaddy November 3, 2011
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This is a meeting in where all the participants are praising the chairman and eachother and make positive remarks about the progress of a project and about the company they are working for. Participants use it to brown nose with their superiors.
John: Hi Bill, will you join us for lunch in half an hour?
Bill: I am sorry, I can't. i have to participate in a hallelujah meeting with managing director and a few other brown nosers.

John: Oh my God, you are such a brown noser....
by sugardaddy October 11, 2013
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Term used in scandinavian countries for young black males who came from Africa to Scandinavia and who are living on welfare money and spend all day in a coffeeshop drinking free water or cheap coffee. The name is taken from the way how they speak their native language.
Friend: Let's go to the coffeeshop and have a cup of coffee!

Other friend: No way, that place is totally crowded with Bula Bula's
by sugardaddy May 29, 2013
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policemen or police officiers
we better get out of here before pac-man comes and busts us...
by sugardaddy May 2, 2005
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Nut (Non utilized talent)
Laura has a master degree in international business but she is still working as a cleaning lady. She is a real nut.
by sugardaddy February 22, 2018
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NUT = Non Utilized Talent
Laura has a masters degree in science but she is working as an assistant for her manager who hasn't even have a college degree. She is a real NUT.
by sugardaddy March 2, 2018
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