a phrase commonly said by a guy who has just broken up w. his girlfriend during a fight and doesnt want to talk nemore
Jenny: you have a tiny penis how cood i ever hav liked u

Bob: fuck you bitch
by napoleondynamite August 27, 2005
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yk that song by wheeler walker junior it’s like fuck-

by faggot0987654321 August 7, 2021
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An expression commonly used right before you walk away from a girl who won't stop bitching. It can also be used towards any person regardless of gender when you don't like their answer to your question (it is normally mumbled when used in this context).
Girl Bitching: "(Blah)(Blah)(Blah)(Blah)..."
Responder: "Oh my god, fuck you bitch!" *Walks Away*

Person 1: "Hey, come here man"
Person 2: "Nah"
Person 1: "Fuck you bitch...(mumbling)"
by NYC Cops Ain't To Smart September 7, 2011
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have sex with you, bad female person. bitch also means female dog.
fuck you, bitch! Don't bother me!
by Kat Turgeon February 2, 2009
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i can do whatever i want, it's protected by the law.... BITCH
Cashier: you're computer sure is dusty (referring to the purchase of multiple canned air computer duster cans)

Guy: fuck you bitch, it's legal
by gregHA May 24, 2010
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Why you fucking bitch is a common word used when someone is asulting you with words.
by AngelXX M December 6, 2020
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