Ameen. His voice is extremely high pitched and he screams all the damn time on online matches but irl he ain't shit.
A squeaker will always deny his squeakyness and Ameen isn't an exception. his cock is also tinyyyyy
Ameen is such a squeaker, and his cock is tiny
by TakiTakiRumba April 5, 2019
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Good Looking .sound ginger baller girls love him.
Ameen is a sexy ginger
by Ameen23 October 15, 2019
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Ah Ameen - a sensitive, smart, moody personality. Believes he is smarter than is. Tries to pretend that he’s got things under control but is an insecure mamas boy. Sometimes is selfish and will put his needs above his partners. Unpaused by your tears, lover of animals, socially awkward at times, a big faker most days.
Mom-“be careful with your heart, he’s an ameen
by Leomom October 26, 2019
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a hot arab who loves to play with his instrument and also play girls
ameen aka playa
daaaaaaaaaaaaamn-ameen is so hot he must be iraqi
by some one March 4, 2005
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by Muzi May 3, 2005
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Ameen..A total sex bomb

great swagger
tall and handsom
hair softer than silk

Devilsh habits

A fuckboy
center of atraction
by crybabycottoncandy July 22, 2018
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