3 definitions by baboon nigga

a strong burly muscular man. he has a big cock and and gets all the bitches. like ali and hadi. he is so rich and has sluts in cages next to his pool. everyone wants to be like him. everyone envys him and wants to see his big cock.
i wish i could be like ameen.

i wish ameen was my dad
by baboon nigga April 5, 2019
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a gig ass person close to the size of a whale. so big he covers the sky. he is so big and large . big af
if only i could be as big as saud
by baboon nigga April 5, 2019
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A downright Pussy. Always acting like a slut. usually extremely dumb and stupid.

he has a very tiny cock and uses teasers to masturbate
Fuck hadi isnt he stupid
by baboon nigga February 27, 2019
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