When your girlfriend takes a dump in your bed (like Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp).
She really took a shit in your bed? Dude, Amber Alert.
by Retired Farmer July 13, 2020
A message that conveys information about a recently missing or abducted person, usually displayed on electronic signs positioned along roadways. This message is broadcast by mass media, intended to enlist the public's help in finding the abducted person and often in catching the abductor.

It is an acronym for "America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response"

It was named in honor of 9 year old Amber Hagerman, who was abducted and murdered.
Lady: did you hear about elizabeth smart?
Man: No, who's that?
Lady: She was abducted, i heard about it on the news.
Trucker: She's right. There's an Amber Alert on her, i saw the broadcast along I-80 this morning.
Man: oh.
by g-diggity May 29, 2006
When a dude warns other dudes about a girl he used to date who happens to like to shit on beds / people during sex
Guy 1: I heard Mike and Jessica broke up a fee months back. I might ask her out.

Guy 2: I wouldn't, when Mike broke it off he issued an Amber Alert on her. She tried to take a dump on his chest and the just ended up shitting in his bed. I mean, unless your into that.

Guy 1: Fuck that. How did I miss that Amber Alert?
by JayJayRon April 27, 2022
When your partner shits on your side of the bed while your away
Amber shit in Johnny Depp’s bed and we called it an “Amber Alert”
by SalvatorusRex April 29, 2022
When someone finds shit in their bed, they out out an Amber Alert, for everyone else to check theirs
Johnny found shit in his bed, so he sent out an Amber Alert
by dketb May 5, 2022
One who purposely shits on the bed of one they are angry with
After an argument with his wife Johnny returns home to an Amber Alert in his bedroom
The act of dedicating in bed and blaming it on the dog
Omg I woke up and you totally pulled an amber alert, nuh uhh it was the dog
by Maxwell P. Thurstington April 27, 2022