A person who engages in a study,sport,or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons
The Olympics used to be only for amateur athletes but recently they have been allowing professional athletes to participate
by Bhubaneswar March 22, 2018
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Someone who is bad at Fifa E.g Connor
me: have you played online games
Connor: Yes i have actually, my online stats are good
me: But I saw them and they were 0-0-0
Connor: But I have played friendlies
Me: You amateur lying prick!
by BaneeeeeeeisaBEAST November 7, 2013
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Someone who has done something one time before, defines itself as an expert on the topic.
John: Got laid?
Nick: Yeah.
John: Satisfaction granted?
Nick: Hell yeah, going like a pro like always!!
John: Yeha, like a grand master...
Nick: I'm no amateur.
by bongholmes September 21, 2012
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A psychological condition widely contracted by new musicians on MySpace, with the "artist" believing that the adulation they receive on their page (from family, friends, and lonely people, and common for anyone who posts anything resembling noise on MySpace), having determined that they now have "arrived" or have "made-it."
Amateurity symptons include: (1) The artist referring to anyone who stumbles on their page as their "fan"; (2) The artist posting a blog that says "I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to all of you as I've been so busy (selling out stadiums and signing autographs, no doubt); (3) The artist referring to their page, written boldly across the top, as "The Official" Brittany Fartkowski Page (Is this the real Brittany Fartkowski or a different one?).
by Enough Blubba August 10, 2009
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sloppy, not professional looking. using hot glue and/or tape on a model. Something that your mom could have made on a computer.

using fabric when its obvious you should NOT be thinking about materials...
that shit was amateur, but he still got a good grade somehow.

fuck. dammit. where'd you get that amateur shit, WordArt?
by ma jones May 17, 2004
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is a person who does sex out of love, usu. female.
Tenny: My sister loves fucking with her bf because she loves him.
Ana: Oh, an amateur huh.
by feles April 4, 2005
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