Few young actors had received greater adulation than did Marlon Brando after his performance in wordA Streetcar Named Desire/word.
by LarstaiT November 11, 2003
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It was so embarrassing when all you could hear was the soloist's aria and John's premature adulation in the auditorium.
by Gryfin December 14, 2011
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One of the great reasons that Jesus isn't going to barge in any time soon and destroy the world. Due largely to the success regarding the saturation of Christianity (and affiliated ideas)in human belief and every day life. Whether acknowledged or not.

Big clue: Jesus cannot worship himself. Thus cannot be re-born into this world currently.

Talk amongst yourselves!

The self adulation paradox really gets the ecclesiastic control freaks in a snit.

It is possible to: "WWJD"

It isn't at all possible to: "I am the fucking second coming of Christ, do as I command" (For reasons beyond such psychological mutation being nothing more than "Caa-rack Nigga" reasoning).
by Nefarious Aflatus December 24, 2008
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A phenomenon endemic to militant Trump supporters that causes them to lose all sense of reason, critical thinking, and rational discussion especially with those who do not worship Trump.
Those Trump supporters shouted me down when I tried to point out one of Trump's lies. They're suffering from serious Trump Adulation Disorder (TAD).
by Wright Ryder February 25, 2020
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When you've bragged to your friends about something before it's official.
I suffered an acute case of premature adulation when I told my friends I submitted a word to Urban Dictionary...then was rejected.
by MJAlbus January 3, 2014
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