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Amandeep is a Punjabi name meaning "Lantern of Peace." Girls with the name Amandeep, are known to be very beautiful. They are the ones that make the best wives. They are honest, loyal and lots of fun.
I have a girlfiend named Amandeep and I'm going to marry her.
by warrior14 November 20, 2012
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A peaceful person who was a guru in his previous lifeform
in the ancient times of pharoes Amandeep was regarded the sacred gurus
by sagzz October 19, 2011
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One of the most gorgeous people you will ever meet. Even though they usually doubt their beauty they can make anyone drool. Extremely smart , sassy , hilarious , and can make anything fun. She can be a little mean at times but that’s because she WONT TAKE ANY OF YOUR SHIT. You’re lucky to have one in your life you are so lucky because they make the perfect friend/gf.
girl 1 “ugh that girl Amandeep is so annoying”
girl 2 “excuse me biatch that’s my best friend , you are just jealous because you look like a half melted diarrhea bagel.”
girl 1 “WT
(gets punched by girl 2)
by Ava green October 23, 2018
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