Suffix used to refer to something which produces results that ironically differ from its stated goals.

Originally stemmed from Islam being called a "religion of peace" despite many terrorists acting in its name.
George: Wow, NASA won't even be operating spacecraft for the next few years
Bob: HAHA space program of peace
by Nig Nug July 11, 2008
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it means to hit a homerun in baseball. when a hitter knocks one out of the park, he could yell out "peace peace!" as the ball carries out.
the pitcher delievers the pitch.. and so long ball! PEACE PEACE!
by da illest baseball playa April 15, 2009
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1. An acknowledgment of parting, ending a phone call or e-mail, similar to goodbye. Often used with "out."
2. A greeting, similar to hello.
3. An expression of non-violent wishes or intention.
4. Term used to describe sections of anti-war movement.
5. Noun. Used to describe the presence of The absence of violence, disruption, or disturbance.
1. A'ight, see ya. Peace. Peaceout.
2. Peace. Please leave a message...
3. Peace, my friend. Increase the peace. It's time for peace.
4. The peace movement is against (the) war.
5. ... gotta have peace of mind.
by RayJack July 2, 2005
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A brief interlude between wars, during which the prudent study the lessons of the last war and prepare for the next one.
Peace proposals unaccompanied by a sworn covenant indicate a plot.
-Sun Tzu, c. 500 B.C.
by Frank Womble November 6, 2003
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The absence of conflict, usually requiring conflict to establish; a lack of conflict
World War II was required to bring peace to Europe.
by Drew Harrison May 30, 2005
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Group of Muslims who express outrage and/or commit violence because they thought someone/something was Islamophobic.
This guy released an album about his love for a woman but the Peacefuls attacked him because he used Islamic words.
by hindukatua February 17, 2018
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