They want to make the world an
inclusive, harmonious, and conflict-free
place to live in. They like being peaceful,
calm, and ordered, and they prefer to go
with the flow. They are confident that
events are unfolding as they should, and
they see no need to push the river,
recognizing that it's flowing fine by itself.
a peaceful person brings harmony to the world in which they live in a calm and ordered way that goes with the flow of life.
by iisayah July 16, 2011
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Little Tiny Purple Peace People or (LTPPPs) are a civilization of sixth graders (or above) who enjoy having fun enough to not care what other people think of them. At least to an extent. Just not when their crushes are around. This civilization may make up new words, such as ooch, yuy, avesome, and eep. They listen to strange music. They are the bane of the popular people's existence. Anyone who does all these things is considered part of the LTPPP civilization, no matter where they live.
Conformist #1: When that Little Tiny Purple Peace Person walked by, I felt a rush of empowerment!

Conformist #2: I know, I really wish I knew what all of their new words mean!

by pierules10 February 3, 2012
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