When someone is so pretty and smart.
That girl over there is such an amalia I can't believe it.
by LiaK December 3, 2007
The most beautiful, awesome, amazing girl ever.

Super smart

I love her with all my heart


Meaning of happiness

Mine <3
I love you Amalia!
by Davis bob bubbles November 22, 2009
These crocs are Amalia
by SH2010-17 January 14, 2018
Meaning: Beautiful, independent, hard worker. Italian of origin. Often self-motivated, enjoys all aspects of life.
Variations include: Amelia, Analia
"Amalia does exactly what she wants, doesn't she?"
by Lorelei van Peborgh May 25, 2008
A unit of measurement for how many additional people can fit inside a sweatshirt that is being worn.
Dude Brian's sweatshirt is huge! You could fit like 3 Amalias in here!
by Massimo Clements September 10, 2014
Most wonderfull person in the world. Amalia will be there for You no metter what. Amalia is funny, beautiful, amazing. She will be there for anyone including Mario(Mario is her ex). Amalia is the most loving and carying person in the world. She is having a lot of friends: Beatrice,Claudia,Sabina,George(But George is not her friend :(((), etc.
-Did You see this Queen?
-No,But i’m sure It was an Amalia!
by Rocky456789 November 22, 2018
You will experience the worst heartbreak is you let an Amalia go. If you let Amalia go you will come crawling back to her. Amalia is the most beautiful person in the world, you will want to be her friend immediately. Don’t get on Amalia’s bad side if you do it’s not pretty. This Greek woman is so outstanding never let her go you will regret it someday.
Person 1: I made Amalia upset...
Person 2: you better pray.

Person 1: Amalia is such a good friend I love her.
Person 2: she is so beautiful and very kind to others I wish I could be her.
by Leah.with.an.L October 31, 2018