That fkn hoe what a slut no one likes Amalia she is the worst and super ugly she will never get a bf
Ewww it’s Amalia let’s go before she starts talking to us
by Tgiftsrsufivucysydobovh April 29, 2019
amalia- she is amazingly beautiful

everyone would be jealouse cause well its amalia what do you expect she is perfect funny smart cute she;s everything and more except she so many things the dictionary didnt come up with enough words to describe amalia :(
female name amalia male name amalio
by wel im me May 28, 2010
Fine and hot piece of Greek women, intelligent, smart, strong, witty, courageous.

Not to be mistaken for Amelia. AMALIA is a Greek female name.

Amalia of Oldenburg was the Queen of Greece in the 19th century. Her husband, King Otto, was the first modern King of Greece
Thats a fine piece of AMALIA, she must be Greek!
by Manga123 July 30, 2009
To be very beautiful, or wise.
That person is such an Amalia, I can't believe how smart and pretty they are.
by LiaK December 3, 2007
Name originates from france and means "Sausage Slayer", Probably has some hidden talents like bouncing on dick and swallowing. She is know as the feared legendary french P Y T
i want a girl like Amalia they are known to swallow it whole :)
by frenchguy 4445 February 2, 2018