I Love her, THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF THIS PERSON! Even though she can be a bit idiotic sometimes, this person will always keep you company, she is intelligent, she is brilliant, the best person you'll ever meet! If you do, make sure you don't screw it up
Me:I think Amalia Larios is amazing!
Zack: I think so too!
by PieceofShite February 28, 2015
Kiss an amalia means to put your lips on her lips and make her happy
by Michael kyer November 3, 2019
Amalia is an amazing girl with a great personality. She is super kind, and makes the best jokes. If you get an Amalia P you are very lucky. She always makes the best jokes and knows how to cheer you up. She may be intimidating at first, but when you get to know her she is super fun. Just don’t get on her bad side.
X: “Amalia P looks very intimidating.”
Y: “Yeah but she’s super funny!”
X: “Really? I think you should talk to her!”
Y: “Sure.”
by fifi wifi May 5, 2022
When someone is so pretty, elegant, smart, genius, and cute
Rosmah is so amalia izzati
by Boru2 December 29, 2016
A petite and amazing girl that everyone enjoys being in the company of. Her looks are to die for and has the most interesting stories to tell anyone. She is shy with anyone in the beginning.
Amalia Nabilah Jasmeen is so beutiful.
by stormwing December 30, 2017
amandina(amalia) is the nicest person i’ve ever met and i’m so glad she’s my cousin. Idk what i’ll do without her . And if u have an “amandina “ too take care of her
i love amalia she looks like lana del rey and gets away my heartache
by darlam October 24, 2022
Amalia is the worst person I ever sow in my life.She doesn’t care about the people around her and she is thinking just of her.She is not intelligent 🧐

I don’t want to see a person Amalia in my life.
by Sveps February 15, 2022