July 1st:
National Kiss an Amalia day
On July first make sure you give an Amalia the biggest kiss in the world. You are so lucky to have her for she is so special. So make her feel special. She is the best girl you will meet in your whole life. I’m not just saying that. I seriously mean it.
Kiss an Amalia day: On July 1st find an Amalia, invite her over, watch a movie, cuddle, hug, KISS HER, and love her like the special girl she is.
by Urmomisveryhotlol June 1, 2022
She’s pretty and smart. Talented but she always keep herself busy when she’s sad or got offended. So treat her well. Like a princess babyboo :3 once she’s hurt. She always remembered even though she’s said she was okay. She has a good heart fo someone she cares about. If she ever loves u.. it means ur the one who are lucky that could understand adore her like a princess :) it means A LOT to her to get attention from someone she love ! TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS TAU !
by Wardina amalia November 24, 2021