Amalia is a girl that's so mind-blowingly sexy that it would bring a tear to the eye of satan himself. She will treat you right as long as you don't disrespect her or her family. She's of Spanish decent and can probably ride the soul outta you due to her ability to dance the salsa On your dick. She also has an amazing ability to bite her lip in the most sexiest way that it turns gay guys straight again. Her ass is 75% water based and conforms to any surfaces it's placed on. So if you find yourself an Amalia, fight for her and never give up no matter what she says to you.
"You know Amalia? She's bad af I'm tryin to pipe!!"

"It must suck for the guy who knows Amalia but isn't close enough to actually do anything with her."
by Mdm113 June 17, 2017
Amalia is a sexy ass bitch and I love them
Amalia is a really good dancer omg

Amalia is so hot you guys
by MikaLikeTheSushi December 27, 2022
Amalia is me. Now I don’t normally think very high of myself, maybe because of the beauty standard of the world, or because of what people have said to and about me but that shouldn’t matter. I hope it doesn’t, now I know that I am somewhat worthy of things but any other Amalia’s reading this should know, you are so kind, wise, beautiful, smart, reliable, loyal, honest, GORGEOUS, worthy of so much, dependable, trustworthy, graceful, elegant, and so much more. I love you and you should love you too.
Amalia, is everything.
by ThatMalia<3 July 19, 2022
Often very pretty, kind and always listens to you. If you ever find yourself in a bad situation with an Amalia I would suggest reconsidering your life choices as you have probably messed up a little bit. Very pretty and very kind towards everyone that gives her positive behaviour. If you be mean to one for no reason don’t expect kindness back. Overall very kind and pretty person and you should never doubt her.
Hannah: “I wish I was as pretty as Amalia”
Kate: “Trust me we all do”
by igetalotofdick April 29, 2022
A amalia is an amazing , friend , best friend and if you get the chance girlfriend . Amalias are usually very caring and look out for you , they try make you smile and feel happier. Amalias are very pretty , they are shy at first but once you get to know them they will trust you and be more open , NEVER hurt a Amalia they are a one in a life tine opportunity.

Amalias make great friends and will help you out they will always be there if you need someone to talk to , they will stay on call with you how long you need and listen to your every word and think it through , they will try help you gain courage and will respect you.

If you get the chance to date a Amalia treat them well , they are bad bitches and will never forget , they only want whats best for you and is not afraid to speak their mind .
Amalias are very caring people and want to help you out.
by Sabrina6851 November 23, 2021
The biggest troll you will ever meet. She may seem a bit lonely at first, but once you get to know her, she is quite the asshole. Be careful with your questions, as she may respond differently than you expected (in a bad way). Although, Amalia has many flaws, she will make it up with her weirdly creative mind. She longs for a genuine friend, so please, ask if she would like to become friends. It really makes her feel like she actually matters and that she's not a useless asset to the world.
Hey, Amalia! Could you help with my homework.

Oh, it's Amalia. Y'know that weird girl who is always sitting alone talking to herself?
by Hot soup11 August 10, 2020
Amalia Your a weeb but everyone still loves you mega weeby nerdy weeb you need to stop watching anime you mega weeeb WEEB WEEB WEEB AND MORE WEEB
Amalia ik you cute and smol but you a heckin weeb So cute and smol but weeby
by Weeby Weeboo June 3, 2020