A disease most commonly found in the older generation of people causing them to lose pre-existing memories and have trouble making new ones. More serious cases can lead to difficulty with language, disorientation, mood swings, etc.
Lil' Jimmy: "Mama, why doesn't Grandpa remember me?"
Mama: "He's got Alzheimer's, Honey, he won't remember you."
Lil' Jimmy: "Oh... Will Grandma get Old-Timer's too then?"
by CharlesJJJ November 4, 2016
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Another nasty dementia that robs your loved ones of their own mind and makes you grieve them while they are still physically alive. There's much medical work being done to find a cure because it is going to hit alot of boomers hard in the next few years the same way it hit their parents hard.
Doctor: Your Mom's in the early stages of Alzheimer'.

Me: What is Alzheimer's?
Doctor: Alzheimer's is a form of dementia that destroys memories
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A disease affecting your Central Nervous System especially brain. It is caused by accumulated beta amyloid plaques and tau plaques that kill the neutrons. Thr disease causes progressive loss of cognitive functions, which means person is likely to have memory loss, disorientation, etc. and after some time (3-9 years) patient dies from loss of live functions, mostly from respiratory failure. There is currently no cure, however the fact of incurable disease attracts large number of scientists to work on it. Main ideas of possible cure are focused on stopping the progress of accumulating amyloid plaques, destroying them via immune system (proposed Alzheimer vaccine), etc.
A dad of my friend has been diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. It was a heartbreaking news for them.
by Tomsow(12) October 27, 2019
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Bob: Hey, bro, I think I have Alzheimers.

Joe: Why's that?

Bob: What did I say again?
by ItsRec March 26, 2021
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Doing LSD and a laxative at the same time. "Free trial of being a senior"
A: Ay boys im about to do some laxatives to detox who doing it with me

B: Have you progressed through psychedelics into laxatives

C: LOL The key is to be on laxatives and psychedelics similtaneously. That way you can babble incoherently while you shit uncontrollably

B: a free trial of being a senior

A: Hold up I think I got an idea... Let's call them Alzheimers
by R@D October 27, 2020
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The effects of marijuana usage that remain for a time after the high has worn off, such as forgetfulness, lack of motivation, apathy, and general emotional fucked-uppedness.

Not noticed so much in occasional users, but very obvious in those who buy Zig-Zags by the case.
Herbal Alzheimer's looks like Tommy Chong at his peak before his first weed of the day.
by da Graybeard August 6, 2009
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