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Clicking the like button means you like the content
Clicking the dislike button means you hate the content
Click the like button
Lets try get 500 likes
The like button should be just under this sentence
by Trusted Guy September 15, 2022
Words that you probably shouldn't say
Swear words include-fuck, shit, bitch, dick
by Trusted Guy September 15, 2022
A word is something you are reading right now. It is used to describe many things, either good or bad. It is also the most vital ingredient in speech and text. Without it we would never be able to communicate in an easy form.
I used the word in the box that faintly said 'Word'
by Trusted Guy August 23, 2022
If your password is 'password' you're screwed.
My password is rhnw204ueunseu3745, so no hackers hack me. I store this in a password manager.
by Trusted Guy August 25, 2022
The reason your credit card ran out of money. Can be found in this page.
Mum: "Who robbed my credit card?"
Son: "I think you spent it all at a store in Westfield"
by Trusted Guy August 23, 2022
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should include the new word being defined
by Trusted Guy August 26, 2022