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a race in warhammer 40k (the tabletop wargame) that is high in society and is focused on "the greater good" which is putting aside personal desires for the better of their society. they are all ranged. their tactics include killing the enemy at range and if the enemy swarms them they usually relocate to a better firing position. their standard weapon (the pulse rifle) has the longest range of a basic weapon in the game. they appear as humanoid creatures with 2 legs, with hooves, two arms, four fingers and about as tall as 6'0. they are the highest technological race in the game.
wOOt! my tau just pwned your orks cause they are raped by rail rifles and have a shitty 6 save.
by jacob April 01, 2005
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Thinking About U

Use TAU when you want to let someone know that you are thinking about them.

Can be used as a greeting
by rocmanrossini September 24, 2011
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gay boys who cant fight properly
i ripped apart that tau fire warrior cause there shite in close combat, we gave them a good stompin - ork saying
by hfnrgsmghf May 24, 2006
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A faggot who's only claim of fame is his immensely attractive accent. Most British red-head fatasses can be refered to as Tau and they will respond as if you called them by the name given by their parents
Izzy: Hey, Tau, moan my name with your sexy accent!
Fat Red Head: Bloody hell no! I'm too busy stuffing my face with these buttered scones!
by Totallyhopelessss June 18, 2009
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A cleverly designed name based on the tau-cannon from half-life.
"Tau you suck"
"Tau get off our server"
"OMFG Tau Cheats"
by Jewish April 02, 2003
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a bunch of homosexuals that live in texas :o
"TAU Haxzor!"
"TAU Go Suck A Cock"
"Wow What A Bunch Of TAU's"
by :o May 07, 2003
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