Nazis were in Germany during WW2, I'm Alt Right. Heill Trump.
by Biggleswurth August 22, 2017
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"How dare you call Hitler a Nazi! Slander!"

The rebranding of a bunch of loosely-collected quasi-fascists who share a bitter hatred of the Left and a generally misanthropic, nihilistic outlook (that is, towards anyone that isn't them). Their ideology is usually vague, though they all have a dislike of intelligence, tolerance and femininity - and democracy, of course.

The Alt Right's ranks are full of under-educated white men who transform their inner insecurities into rage, and that rage into misguided spite. The two main subsections are the autistic 4chan keyboard warriors (you'll hear them use the word soy boy even though they probably only leave their bedrooms once a week), and the tiki torch marchers, who have been known to use their feet to walk. They also murder people from time to time.

It's an unholy combination of the bullied kids at school who are only a few steps away from shooting it up, and the old-school neo-Nazi youths (also bullied at school), some of whom are now actually fully-grown adults.
"Alt Right schmalt schmight, we all known its called they're fascists."
by áutechre September 26, 2018
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A group of internet trolls that believe fiscal conservatism is "too libertarian" so they start advocating for semi-fascism as opposed to regressive leftism which is fascism
Conservative person: Hey why did you become alt right?
Alt right person: lmao you dumb cuckservative because jewz
by non mentallyenslaved millenial October 09, 2016
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A young branch of American conservatism focused mainly on white-supremacist, xenophobic identity politics and anti-immigration sentiment. Members of the alt-right will deny the label of "racist", and prefer to use obfuscating terms like "race realist" (to describe their pseudoscientifically-justified racial prejudices) and "cucks" (to describe a brainwashed 'politically correct' liberal being 'taken advantage of' by what they see as the lesser races.)

The alt-right is a young movement born on the internet, growing out of the culture of open racism and trolling on 4chan, and uses memes and modern internet-speak as a primary mode of communication. The alt-right prefers "edgy" and antagonistic messaging, being rather aware of—even relishing in—their fringe position in the greater political discourse.

As one might expect, they idolize presidential candidate Donald Trump, sharing his disdain for "political correctness" and propriety, and identifying with his aggressive persona and xenophobic rhetoric.
When I was growing up, I went on 4chan a lot. Saw some pretty messed up stuff there, but eventually I realized it was all a twisted joke, a bunch of repressed youngsters competing to see who could post the most offensive content for laughs. And so as I approached adulthood I grew out of it. Others like me were not so lucky, and rather than growing out of it, they dove further into the world of 'edgy' racial rhetoric and cultural antagonism, forming it into part of their identity as they reached adulthood. Those people went on to become the alt-right.
by Maximillien III August 25, 2016
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An ideology that the white supremacists used to promote their deceiving Nazi propaganda to paint the picture to the general public that they are the "saviors", and that they are superior to the Left-wing, Antifa, and minorities, such as Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, blind people, deaf people, women, and blacks, who should all be bowing down endlessly to the so-called "Master Race" or else they should be all massacred with torment. In reality, white supremacists ain't so master race after all, if they got their asses easily kicked under the Confederacy during the American Civil War and under the Nazi Party during World War II. Afterwards, most war-driven Nazis got arrested and were sentenced to be executed on trial by being shot to death from a firing squad and corpses spit at by the general public when the American Civil War and World War II both ceased.
In Australia, a mass-shooter is an Alt-right extremist who wants to kill as many people as possible to cope with his fear of being open to people who look different from him or they don't want to give into his desires. A mass-shooter successfully murdered 50 people with a deadly gun, but when a random person, Abdul Aziz, threw a baseball-sized ATM machine at the mass-shooter's head, the mass-shooter ran off like a total wuss, admitting his pathetic defeat and he was eventually caught by police to be sent to prison. Afterwards, Abdul Azziz was praised as the hero who prevented a mass-shooter from taking away and ruining more lives of innocent civilians.
by TheUnknown21 June 06, 2019
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Short for "alternative right". Alt-right is a projective term used by neo-Marxists to brand anyone who does not want the ethnic genocide of Europeans and the destruction of western civilisation as a neo-nazi. The irony of a group that wants the destruction of an ethnic group they view as evil calling someone a neo-nazi is completely lost on anyone who uses the term.
"I don't want Europeans subverted out of their homeland and eventually being destroyed, Every race has a right to a homeland, and to live in peace"

by Phoenix797 July 31, 2018
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Person: So you're a racist?
Alt-Right: No, I'm part of the alt-right!
Person: But you believe that slavery should be reinstituted, think the nazis were right, and believe women shouldn't be able to vote.
Alt-Right: Yeah, but I'm not a racist or anything.
Person: That's literally the definition of racism.
by Bluux November 25, 2016
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