An economic posisistion favouring more collectivity/cooperation in making resource using decisions. This can either be done by state planning or using communes.
Leftism includes philosophies whose goals are absolute state control/planning, such as in Communism or Democratic Socialism, or the moderate political philosophers, who want only some collective cooperation, such as Social democrats.
by Secular leftist October 15, 2005
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Leftism is a contagious political mental disorder that puts you and your people at risk.
Spencer: *Writes song lyric* "Math is gay"
Teacher: That's very offensive! You should be ashamed of yourself.
Jake: *Laughs* You have leftism loser. Stay away from me!
by Jake16261 June 29, 2019
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Condition caused by an accident that results in the loss of one testicle, usually the right one. Results in the nickname of "Lefty".
Someday, the ballad of Lefty shall be heard round the world.

He flew forward and hit his balls, thus he became Lefty.
by Andrew "Lefticle" Lanford August 18, 2005
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/noun/ 1. Radical liberalism; often associated with socialism, though few of them seek a fully socialist economy.

2. Involving a belief that if our country is *so great* then everyone (especially children) should have basic food, shelter, healthcare, and education.
3. An ideology risen in response to the liberal party's persistent slide towards conservative values, particularly the acceptance of obvious bribes from donors.
Those who follow leftism are typically referred to as "leftists;" erroneously used by Nazi trolls to as a derogatory term, as leftists proudly apply this term to themselves.

Leftism sees the struggle of the working class to keep their heads above water while corporations sit on their shoulders and tell them to swim faster.
by cashmeousidee October 25, 2017
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Leftism concerns itself with progressive ideologies whose cultural and political backing is so strong that they are said to attain power equivalent to those of a state religion, with which they often exhibit significant similarities in both theory and practice.
Mike is a Leftist, so he worships, like a religion, in ideologies of progressivism, group identity, equality of outcome, all without basis of merit or fact.

The act of; leftism
by The Right side May 2, 2019
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Gary asks nigga baby that always sucks the mods off
That CEO Of Leftism is at it again,sucking the mods
by November 2, 2020
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