Super loyal guy. Overprotective and definitely protects what’s his. Don’t mess with his family or friends because you will GET it. Super cute and handsome. Easily jealous, however is very trustworthy. His personality isn’t the nicest but the typa love is the best. Super flirty and wild. One of the realist niggas out there.
I love me a Alonzo typa guy.
by You’re gf Desiree June 04, 2018
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Alonzo a person that’s gets me wet.
I was soak last night.
Girl #1: i heard that Alonzo got you wet
Girl #2 ooo wee yes he did girl
Girl #1 I want Alonzo to get me wet
Girl #2 we both can get wet
by whatsgoingonwithya July 13, 2020
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One of the best friends to have, he is very trustworthy and will always listen to what you have to say. He love skittles and hanging out with his friends. Half the time he is in his own world, but if you have something important to say he will listen.
Alonzo is the best friend, you can always trust him.
by CrazyFriend21 September 21, 2020
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Alonzo /uh-lan-zo\
(Noun) or (Verb) definition:
1. (n): A person who is almost always if not always late when they set or agree upon a specified time.

Ex: "We said 6:50 for the gym bro, but I know he's gonna be an Alonzo."
2. (v): Telling an individual a certain time and then grossly missing that time by more than an hour.

Ex: "Don't alonzo me bro."
3. Suffix-ing (v): Lying to someone about the time (even when the person considers any extraneous factors).

Ex: "Are you alonzoing me or are you actually gonna be ready by 3."
See above for Alonzo examples.
by A_Helping_Hand July 15, 2016
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always on the phone, always singing rihanna or britney spears songs, loves caramel-mocha frappaccino's, dogs eat his glasses and the ladies looooooove him.
"Sing me an Alonzo!"
by Lauren Sheridan May 03, 2009
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