A behavior in which you would fight (and possibly kill,) someone for hurting your friends and family.
She tried to hurt my friends, making my overprotective side kick in.
by FishInWater September 24, 2016
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A person, generally a cauasion 'soccer mom' between the ages of 30 and 50 who is always bitching about violence, sex and language in television, videogames, the internet and the media in general. Is always sheltering his/her child/chidren from the afformentioned sebjects; their favorite topics of 'discussion' include: anything manufactured by Rockstar Games, the adult film industry, and drugs. They generally are jesus freaks and pass judgment on evryone else. And always shelter their children from society instead of educating them about it.
"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! Oh my god, lets lobby to the government and bitch about how 'no one ever thinks of the children!' Before its too late, lets change the Game to an AO so that it becomes nearly impossible to rent or buy and the team of people who worked their asses of to create it get less money!!! Overprotective parent groups of suburbia:GO!"

by asdfsa September 9, 2006
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Of, or relating to overprotecting, overprotectinating, or overprotectinizing.

Also a synonym of "Overprotective".
"Yo money, Tim was being so overprotectional over his girl, B. He's so jeluzz."
by K1lay September 4, 2006
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Parents who over protect their kids. What ever happened to survival of the fittest?
"I have to wear a helmet because I have Overprotective Parents"
by Kaddison May 24, 2016
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The red left turn light. Especially in the very early morning, when there are no cars on the road, but you still have to wait to turn left, since turning left would technically be illegal.
Dude, it's 3am. Just run the overprotective red light.
by Schrodinger Penguin December 26, 2011
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Two people or more arguing over the fact they don't support the same football team (it's fine to have a joke about it but being serious about it is fucking stupid) like it's just a sport and it's alright to be very supportive but not at a level it get very heated and could end up in a scrap.
Bigmanjeff(as a joke) : I don't like *insert football team here* they're shit

Bigoldbilly: you fucken what mate I support them you cunt wanna scrap donny
Oldmansteve: it's was only a joke chill the fuck out man you're an overprotective football fan.
by Wankface6969 November 1, 2017
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