Someone who is small and spunky, a great personality, is no afraid to tell other people what to do, they are top dog
Isaiah: "that guy is awesome!"
James: " yeah he is such and Alki"
by Zickhona August 05, 2017
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Norwegian slang, often used in Bergen, meaning: Alkoholic or a person who drinks a lot of alcohol
Sigve: "Have you seen that alkis, Daniel?"
Johannes: "Yeah, he is getting drunk with some friends."
Sigve: "Again? But thats the fourth time this week!"
by TheDefinator2000 November 06, 2018
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"Where going to go to Ricks house this weekend and do the alki!"

"I did the alki last night"

"I want to do the alki"
by the alcoholic March 24, 2004
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A wonderful, amazing person with style and personality who loves to drink alcohol❤️
(if the person is a she, she gets easily pregnant 🤰)
Iman, the Alki is pregnant again
And now she got a bellyache
by PooDoo2nd June 14, 2019
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