one who abuses alcohol; spends lots of time planning when and where to get the next drink; denies drinking; drinks alone; needs a drink to face a stressful situation or an uplifting moment
I'm not an alkie, I don't need to go to AA!
by Dosha April 11, 2003
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continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite health problems and negative social consequences.
Leech-"Yo Faith i think you've had one too many beers, alkie"

Faith- "Leech, now you know there's no such things as too many beers, now pass me another"
by LEECH! October 19, 2009
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I don't want to go to meetings! I'm no fucking alkie!
by John E. November 13, 2002
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When someone drinks Buckfast, they usually act really Scottish, doesn't like console, always brags about new speakers, they often have curly hair and wear blue Adidas shoes.

And most likely to be called Isaac.
"Did you see that big Alky last night I bet his name is Isaac."
by junkies everywhere January 5, 2019
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Someone who is small and spunky, a great personality, is no afraid to tell other people what to do, they are top dog
Isaiah: "that guy is awesome!"
James: " yeah he is such and Alki"
by Zickhona August 5, 2017
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