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Intelligent,God fearing, funny, and caring.
Artistic, Jack-of-all-trades, loves animals, loves babies, wants lots of babies, loves food, family is center on top of which God reigns..
Basically loves being loved and hence easily offended.
If you love her, the love you receive is abundant.
If she faces a breakup, it never heals until & unless she herself gets over with it ( that takes a very long time).
Self love is less for her because she is neither confident nor satisfied with herself.
For her, love is the most important in the whole universe...
❤Being Alka
Being Alka, Be Alka - Learn to love like an Alka
by Being Alka December 09, 2018
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The post-effect of forgetting how to speak English after wearing a swim cap.
I was wearing my swim cap when the gardener came in and asked whether he could get paid. I mumbled something incoherent. I hate when I Alka-out like that.
by PK2011 August 17, 2010
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