Perhaps the best icebreaker ever made. It consists of Taking alka-seltzer, dropping it into a woman's drink, it fizzing, and her asking "is that Roofies?"
You-drop alka-seltzer into cup
Woman- what the fuck did you just roofie me?
You-Pull out alka-seltzer and explain its just that

she might then say something along the lines of "Oh my Gosh that is so funny we should have sex right now"

...your welcome
by TheRuralThesaurus1 October 25, 2010
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A white tablet devised by Bayer Industries to finally solve the world's pigeon problems. Also known as "pigeon killer".
I gave alka-seltzer to a pigeon and it exploded.
by Rommel Rico August 15, 2006
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The act of taking a duece while in a hot tub. Since the hot tub is already churning water, bubbles, and blowing hot water, the turd will quickly dissolve like an alka-seltzer, leaving a nice fecal coloring to the water.
I was in Laura's hot tub last night, listening to Aaron Neville, and sippin' on a chilled glass of white zinfandale, when I decided to leave an alka-seltzer.
by Miami Matt September 3, 2006
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When you drop your balls into somebody's carbonated beverage. When dropped in, they make the sound "plop plop. fizz fizz", much like the advertisement for the original product.
Dude, go over there and alka-seltzer that guy's drink.
by triculous May 1, 2011
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A bunch of very hungover and bored individuals taking their Alka-Seltzers in unison after drinking too much the night before.
..yeah, and this morning we had an Alka-Seltzer party over at Fred's. No more tequila for me for the rest of my life.
by spacecadet79 January 14, 2013
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When You Shit on the competition so much..Your Stomach needs to relax and more importantly recover..
Did you hear that Lil Wayne Verse?..He Says "I Be..Shittin on ya boys.. I Need a Alka Seltzer Sandwich..UGH"
by Punjabiballar February 17, 2008
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A Tennessee Alka-Seltzer is when you stick an alka-seltzer into your mouth, then have oral sex with a Southern girl(with out telling her, but of course). As her vagina gets wet, you slip in the alka-seltzer, stand back, and watch the 'fire works'...or, in this case, 'foam works'.

The 'Tennesse' part is derived from college kids out of D.C. going into Virginia on a Saturday night, and performing it on innocent country 'gurls'. Why did I not choose 'Virginia' to make it a 'Virginia Alka-Seltzer'? Because Tennessee sounds better. And if you don't like it, piss off!
Dude 1: Dude, I did a Tennessee Alka-Seltzer on a GRITS yesterday!
Dude 2: Shite! What happened? Was it fun?
Dude 1: Well...let's just say she'll never walk again.
by Ben Erman June 10, 2007
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