It means vodka. The kind you pour down an ass crack and make your lover lick off.
"Lick that Alina right off my ass baby."

"GreyGoose? Naaaw Ill have some Alina."
by Femme Boss May 14, 2006
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a young female, usually of russian or polish origin. spends most of her time drinking vodka/whisky or smoking weed can be seen as a good time girl but when she is sober she is very sweet and hot. she is mysterious and only has a few close friends but she loves drawing and is very clumsy but no one rally knows her because she is always drunk. she is sad sometimes.
look! it's alina, lets go get high ;)
but i heard she has feelings?
naaah, its just alina!
by sexypolishalina April 19, 2011
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Alina is a person that is extremely hard to find. She is one of the funniest people you'll ever meet and she will make you laugh so hard your stomach will start to hurt. She is a genius when it comes to math and science and overall aces all subjects. She might be a bit small but you'll never really truly pay attention to that because her kindness and humour will make you forget about all the bad things going on in the world. Occasionally she will take bigger risks and be quite a daredevil. Alina will surprise you in many different ways, and she's a good friend to have so don't ever loose her.
Nelly: Hey, what did you get for the science test?
Alina: Oh I got an A+ but I think I could've done better.
Nelly: Ahahaha Alina you never fail to surprise me!
by powerpuffgirl188 February 28, 2018
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Queen of the shiny face and most likely the greatest fan of a capella ever.
Let's go hang out with Alina cuz we are bored.
by bored guy January 23, 2005
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Alina is a cool girl that is American (preferably Romanian) but living in Australia. How trippy is that. Haha well its her birthday today and thats pretty special heheh so now you can be the coolest kid in school with a web definition! WOW!

Happy Birthday Alina I hope you had a good day and some cook gifts... :P
"IM Alina and i like dance music woooo"

Person standing by: "wow how much do you wanna be like her!"
by Your friend Karl February 02, 2005
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a young russian american who lives in manalapan, new jersey. see jesus
alina is such a cool cat.
by J _ _ _ _ December 24, 2003
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A girl who is the most saxy in the whole galaxy and likes McDonalds and KFCs. she just wants a guy to love and romance her with two sports cars.
Hey thats Alina, lets take her to KFCs.
by gibtoe August 25, 2011
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