someone that has a good mix of being both a red flower and a white flower.
usually a virgin, but doesn't shy away from other sexual activity.
not a heavy partier, but has been known to enjoy a few drinks.
doesn't smoke anything illegal, but certainly has potiental to.
is friends with both the red and white flowers, because they can relate to both.
usually keeps all of the above secret from the white flower friends, who suspect it anyway, but won't tell them because they're so judgemental.
the connections with the white flowers is the only thing that keeps a pink flower from growing darker shades of red.

everything in moderation, usually.
most people are pink flowers, they just don't know it yet.
by word_uppp May 16, 2007
On the out stroke and noticing the "pink sock" slipping a rubber band off the shaft and catching the "pink sock" before pulling all the way out causing the bunching up of the "pink sock" resembling a flower.
How did your night go?

I was great I ended up giving that chick a pink flower..

Really .. did you pollinate it for her? (moter boating the pink flower)
by FRANK ISAY FRANK October 4, 2020