Algie, is charasmatic, magnetic, and above all he has an intellect that surpasses, the most knowledgeable of men. Algie, can charm every piece olothing off of you, with his powerful presence. Standing in his power Algie, is a lover, fighter, friend, protector. Provider, comedian, and a master of anything he puts his hands to! Algie, is a pillar in the community, a leader, that doesn't mind being in control, and stepping up in any leadership position, Algie, has a deadly bite, however, he has an ever sweeter emotional side. When Algie, truly loves, he loves hard. There are many more things, I can say about Algie, and him being a true soul mate, Twin Fame, and Divine Masculine! Algie, in his purest form is definitely a powerful energetic vibration.

TheElite Sungoddess ~ESG~ 7/11/21
Go ask Algie, about the trending fashions of today.
by TheElite Sungoddess July 11, 2021
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An interjection used to convey excitement in response to a situation.
by The Lowenator January 04, 2015
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Someone who likes carbs and motorbikes. Bucket hat and barber jacket is dress code.
He was as cool as Algy on his bike.
by Cheeeessssss May 10, 2021
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Algis as a boy's name is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Algis is "spear".
"Algis mmmm yeah hello Algis"

"hi Algis its me Algis"
by danenurban February 28, 2021
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