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A rich, competitive, and athletic A+ student.

A person who seems weird at first but is a cool and strange person in a good way once you get to know him.

An emo.

A power-hungry guy who seeks destruction.

A person who can handle technology in any way you can imagine.
He's one HECK of an Aldy.

I thought my friend was an Aldy and I was right!

You're so Aldy...ish.

You my friend just got ALDY'D.

Some people are just total Aldy's with computers, I think we should ask them to help us.
by Archo-Aro July 11, 2011
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noun |əl-dē|
1. a shy-looking puto boy.
2. a culo-dick.

ORIGIN: Mexico/Guatemala, but mainly Mexico.
Ayyyyy, puto!

Everyone Yells: "Aldy!"
by Puto Boy September 06, 2008
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