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Oil, cows, and redneck politicians? But cold? Must be Alberta.
by Echelon August 23, 2005
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scenery wise, alberta looks like colordo, with the towering rockies in the west and flat plains in the east. edmonton and calgary are the 2 biggest cities, and they hate each other. alberta is the texas of canada. much more consevative than any other province, and sitting on oil riche$
alberta is rolling in the dough from their oil excavation.
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
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All these hateful comments make me laugh.
Probably because most of it is true, but on a milder degree.

Yes we have the rich oil companies and fucking oceans of cows and wheat, no provincial tax and some pretty shit-brained politicians. Edmonton and Calgary hate each other because both of our hockey teams suck, one has a massive mall and the other has stampede. The cities are surrounded by spots of little run down hick towns full of environment-trashing rednecks that spit, swear and drink their lives away. The bigger cities sort of get into the cowboy spirit, but its more like "Yeah wooh! Western culture...cows, horses, booze.....okay people lets get back to work now."

And to top it off, its cold as fuck here - forget what everyone else tells you its like 8 months of winter here, I shit you not. We have had snow in june and august before.

No it's not perfect, yes there are some serious assholes here and yes, we are very rich. But you have to remember every province or state has its quirks and flaws, and you can't always generalize, because there are some really nice people here. Also - if you're going to vacation somewhere, you probably shouldn't come here, there really isnt much worth seeing. Nice place to live though :)
I was about to go all ape shit "Hey man I live here and I'm way more open minded than you obviously!" but then I was like "wait...truth be told most people in alberta /are/ like that :( I'm outnumbered"
by Janice Booterman October 23, 2009
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The Texas of Canada. Full of hard nosed blue collar conservatives that are rich in oil. The only province, territory, or state in North America that is so economically powerful it could be its own nation (and should be, just to be dicks to Quebec).

The number one past time of Albertans is working, when they aren't working they are usually getting drunk. This is due to there being absolutely nothing else to do in Alberta. Other provinces hate Alberta for its wealth and general arrogant attitude, but often sympathize with them afterwards when they realized what a mundane place it is to live in.
Albertan: (shouting) I'm Albertan bitch!

Guy #1: That guy is a dick! And I think he's drunk.

Guy #2: You would be drunk too if you had to live there.
by Tokey41 April 08, 2011
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More exciting than Sask and Manitoba put together, the two biggest cities hate eachothers hockey teams. Edmonton has one of the biggest malls in the world (The biggest in North America) Like texas but cold as fuck in the winter (usually about 8 fucking months long) And Green and the perfect temperature for the other 4 months. Majority of the population hates the liberal party and would just love to Quebec and punch some french fuck in the face. Probably has more 50k Plus trucks on the road than anywhere else in the world. I kid you not there are more trucks & Suv's on the road than cars. Everyone has a little redneck in them. Calgary is home to The Stampede where a bunch of city folk dress up and pretend to be cowboys and cowgirls but fail and all the real farmers and cowboys laugh at them. Calgary has more knife killings per year than guns usually. Has a bunch of small towns that think there better than the cities and all the cities think there better than small town, but in all reality there all the same. Calgary has a complete fuck tard for a mayor and the council isn't any better. Some bitch on the counsil spent like 2 million dollars to make a c train station look better. No one gives a fuck about that shit! Everyone hates the C train.
Albertan At the Airport: Hey man Where you from?
Some guy: Ontario!
Albertan: Your a stupid fuck!
by Alberta901 August 05, 2010
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Is a great province. Allot of down talk is directed to it. But most of it is because of ignorance. Alberta is NOT an environmental wasteland as shown by documentary. Shut us down you sure as hell better say goodbye to your low gas prices. Most oil is brought up via Sag D plants Which are very clean.

Edmonton and Calgary are the two biggest city's both approximately a million people. Both Hate eachother for no real reason. The average household income of both is nearly $90,000. Edmonton has a world class university u of a. And what was (until a couple years ago) the biggest mall in the world. Calgary has the world renowned Calgary Stampede and is a short drive from the mountains.

People from every single province comes here for the oil. A simple labourer can make upwards of $80,000. But most if not all of it is spent on drugs, alcohol, strippers, and their trucks even though 90% of them have no use for them but are merely compensating for their small penis.

Yes there are ALLOT!! of problems with Alberta. But the stereotype of what is Alberta isnt found everywhere. If it wasnt for small portion of the population of ignorant pricks and brainless retards who work in the oil industry This province would be the envy of all.
The world opinion of Alberta: I hate Alberta!! they poison the earth!!
Said just after getting off a plain, and driving their car home which is heated by natural gas from Alberta, dressed in polyester clothing, drinking heated coffee out of a plastic mug.
by Fishman9009 January 01, 2011
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A walking goddess. Gorgeous like a model, funny,easy to talk to and an amazing body
guy 1: check out that girl
guy 2: thats an alberta
by Greenrose May 15, 2009
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