you love anal sex with other men as much as i do? lets buy a house in fort mcmurray where we can live together in seclusion
by Anonymous January 16, 2003
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To expel air and bitumen from the lungs suddenly and noisily, often to keep the respiratory passages free of irritating material.
Tammy: Oorf! Horf! Aorfff!
Roddy: Is she dieing?
Abe: No, that's just the Fort Mac Hack.
Tammy: My breath registers at 87 octane.
by M DOGG July 12, 2005
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When you and a member of opposite sex work on the same greasy mechanical project before hooking up. Mingling the same greasy hands on one anothers body.
When you leave a hand print on her ass after a little Fort Mac Foreplay, it's not red from snacking it. It's black.
by Tomalomasarus January 10, 2021
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