A floating mask from the Crash Bandicoot game series. He aids Crash & co. in some way. He has an evil twin, Uka Uka.
Aku Aku is yammering on about power-slide boosts again.
by LucarioIzumi January 18, 2011
Evil, means evil in japanese
ten page report? AKU!!!!!
by Josh February 18, 2003
Means 'Me' or 'I' in Malay.
Aku menyampah tengok muke kau
Means: I just plain hate you.
by dy2n August 17, 2007
The coolest, hottest and the person with the juiciest ass in twitter dot com. Their name can be used as an adjective in a positive connotation because of how fat their ass is
You look so Aku today!!

thank you bff!! have you seen their hit tweet last night?
by p5reo April 27, 2021
Aku is slang for autistic kids unite😂😂
by Wii I a jv w I’lll was wiaj November 22, 2019
To receive oral sex while taking a diaherria on a toilet.
I got an aku aku on the toilet
by Bob February 16, 2005
An individual who lives a broke lifestyle by means of living off others income, hospitality, and aloha while simultaneously not having any purpose or value.
Daryl likes to eat poke & drink beer with the boys as long as he's not buying the beer. He also takes trips at the expense of other's. Daryl would be consider a aku bird.
by BIGISLANDVIRAL August 1, 2020