Aura is a beautiful girl who is loyal and is sweet and innocent at first but when you get to know her she’s fun and crazy.Shes someone who always has your back and gets called fake but is actually a real friend. Make sure you never lose a Aura because she’s really special and their is no one like her/him out their they are amazing.
by Maria mendez August 29, 2019
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she is the prettiest girl in the universe and she is beautiful, unique,loves to eat,makes people laugh, funny, everybody falls in love with her .
by ariel little love January 29, 2017
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1.) A spiritual belief that humans have a color around them that some can see.

2.) The sensation felt before a seizure for those who have epilepsy. You feel as if you're going to have a seizure, but can't always tell someone else that you're having one. Often used on r/epilepsy.
3.) A distinctive and pervasive quality or character
1.) He has a green Aura to him.

2.) I had an Aura before that seizure, but I sometimes don't get the Aura's with the seizures.

3.) He has a friendly Aura to him.
by LizardBoi September 19, 2021
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"Aura" is the ever-changing flow of life energy around one's body; it can be harnessed for supernatural abilities, though not as extreme as showcased in some animes. (i.e., Dragonball Z) It is also known as "chi" or "ki".
Focusing one's aura onto one point increases the blood flow, making that point feel stronger.
by Shouryu April 21, 2004
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the most unique person you would ever known, be on her good side and you will forever be loved, be on her bad side and you will forever feel alone.
the greatest mommy ever, best sister, daughter and friend one could ever have
Aura always goes out of her way to help others!!!
did you get a card from aura? she is so thoughtful!
the glow on aura's face everytime she's with her baby is just so mesmerizing!
by "besos" February 2, 2010
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a basic asian girl that eat noodles every week. she’s known for her tik tok. basically she do in life is play fortnite and eat chips. she doesn’t fw snake. her daily routine every night is ft someone she <3 when it comes to food she’s very picky about it. she play the mf flute cause why not. she has a great personality, will make you laugh 24/7.
by asianislife November 18, 2018
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Aura is a bitch. A loveable one but still a bitch. She gets excited when you say you like her as a friend (like way too excited) and has really high standards for significant others.
Aura:do you like me? As a friend?
Me: yh? Why?
by Chill.wish_ December 16, 2019
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