A sweet girl,whose name is an Islamic word,meaning a girl with beautiful eyes
by October 2, 2021
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A girl who is a perfectionist, kind, loyal and love to be with other people. She treats people the way she want to be treated.
A: Aina treats me coldly! I don't like her..
B: um..do you realize that her attitude changes because of the way you used to treat her..?
by Mysteree December 30, 2017
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Aina; An amazing, cute, beautiful, hot, nice, caring girl that any boy in the world would be so lucky to have her. She doesn't really know it herself, but she's so talented and beautiful.

Every time her boyfriend compliments her, she denies it. She thinks that he's saying all this shit cause he's just trying to be nice, but in reality, he means every single word he says.
She tends to worry about her appearance, but everyone would agree that she's so fucking beautiful.
Her boyfriend loves her so much and thinks about her 24/7. He wishes that she can just one day understand how much she means to him.
Oh shit you started dating Aina on 4/14/2018? Damn you're the luckiest guy in the world!
by blackbpi May 27, 2018
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Cute and loving little girl who laughs a lot. Easily touched but easy to console at the same time. Always cry over small things but this is what makes an Aina unique. Have beautiful eyes as meant by the name itself.
She is so Aina
by Dunedain December 31, 2018
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Cute and smart girl, will settle her problmes immediately, and love to be loved. Don't like people who cheated with her.
Boy : "I don't love you, i love her"
Aina : "You cheated on me. I hate you"
by lufya December 27, 2017
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Swedish slag word for “Police
“Aina’s here”
by Helle Helle Hellena October 19, 2018
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