What you say to someone you are in love with when they don't like you back. Usually to make things less awkward. Can be used as reverse psychology to make the other person magically fall for you.
Nicole: Sorry for all the drama. Don't worry I don't love you anymore. *crosses fingers behind back*
Derek: ok good, can you stop stalking me now?
Nicole: :P
by PartayPoison January 29, 2012
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You don't know when it happened, you noticed it over time, maybe it was something you saw or heard, but u realized it, you don't love them anymore. You did, at some point, but not now, probably never again. You hate giving this person the false hope of your love, you know they deserve better, you come to terms and accept the fact that you don't love this person anymore.
I'm sorry, I don't love you anymore.
by Idkimjustsaidman June 25, 2019
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