A singing style characterized by senseless, tasteless and gratuitous vocal embellishments including, but not limited to, unending grupettos, raspy whispering, vocalized telephone-trills, and whistle-range experimentation.

As the root word implies, this style of singing is best exemplified by pop superstar Christina Aguilera.

Listeners exposed to Aguileraitis can expect to experience ringing ears, headache, and even, occasionally, projectile vomiting.
Sam: Did you see Maya Rudolph in that National Anthem skit on SNL the other night?

Dave: Yes, wasn't she great?!?

Sam: Yeah, her character totally had Aguileraitis!
by mdlee52 January 31, 2014
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Someone who disappears from the bar to reappear 1 hour later. Someone who enjoys a brisk run with high blood alcohol levels. Usually of Mexican descent.
"Alberto, you disappeared from the bar for one hour. Where were you?"

"Oh, I was so drunk I needed to run"

"God, you are such an Aguilera"
by Litehawk September 27, 2011
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The Marilyn Monroe of Pop: Talented, beautiful, graceful, lovable, classy, magnetic, intelligent, bold and passionate. She was a queen from the day she was born for having incredible stage presence and chemistry, and being simply very beautiful to look at.
1) I just love it when Christina Aguilera holds a note. It's such an eargasm!
2) Christina Aguilera has the most angelic voice that just captures my heart so completely. She's my dream woman in every way.
3) People overuse the term "stunning" but that's what Christina Aguilera really is.
4) Christina Aguilera is the very epitome of beauty and glamour. And that's why she is loved by both men and women.
5) There are too many Christina's today but the original is a ridiculously attractive woman. I would absolutely flip for her.
by ZiZi260 July 22, 2014
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1. (n) Singer from western Pennsylvania who is famous for her vocal skills, but notorious for acting skanky in some of her music video ie Dirrty
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
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When you take your finger and stick it in your partners ass-crack and then draw out a tribal tattoo on the lower back (butt antlers, tramp stamp) with the same *Dirty* finger.
I was so mad at my mom last night when she passed out face down from drinking I gave her a Dirty Aguilera.
by Kerouac Lives February 14, 2010
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(1) Grammy Award Winning Pop Singer who arrived on the scene with the at-the time provocative " Genie In A Bottle " in 1999.

(2) One white girl who can seriously sing.

(3)Progressed into a total skank also known as Xtina or XXXtina in 2002 with the release of the "anything you do in private i'll do in public" video "Dirrty". She introduced the world to the world's worst white girl weaves, paint by numbers make-up" and buttless chaps.

(4) Washed off the heavy make-up and fake tan to emerge as a softer, more sophisticated diva with a pension for singing songs from the 70s in 2004.

(1)Ugh, I can't stand Kim. She's such a Christina Aguilera. She goes from innocent to trash and back to innocent in the matter of minutes.

(2) Whoa, that drag queen took make-up lessons from Christina Aguilera
by xxgeorgia November 09, 2004
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