The best motherfucker you will ever see. Also known as Lil Dawg, this motherfucker got sauce, is a sexy man and can attract any bitch he wants, even your hoe homie. Fuck will him and u gonna get fucked up.
I wish I was Alberto brah.
by OBJ bitch November 27, 2017
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A male of hispanic decent. Is a funny relaxed guy that likes to get the attention of not one but many females. Though Alberto may seem like a player or tool he is a faithful fun loving character who will never cheat. He may sometimes come off as a douche bag but inside he is probably the most sensitive and loving guy you will meet. He says a lot of random stuff and only wants people to like him.
Guy 1: There he goes acting like a tool again..
Guy 2: Yeah, if only people knew who Alberto ACTUALLY is.
by Michelle2 December 23, 2011
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The most amazing guy you will ever have the chance to talk to. A guy that is typically of Hispanic/ Mexican decent. Is athletic and very smart. He is loyal and caring when it comes to friends. He is extremely handsome and can play different instruments. Many girls want to be with him. He knows the value of his own greatness. Tends to be self-confident and social. At first he may seem quiet, but once you get to know him, you realize what you have been missing out on. Tells the funniest stories and can make your day better with his bright smile. The sweetest guy you will ever meet. Getting to know him is an adventure. Seeing him around is breath-taking. Girls are jealous of the girls he talks to. Guys are jealous because he is always surrounded by girls. He rarely has a girlfriend though.
"Hey that guy is so sweet and cute!"
"Yeah, that's Alberto! <3 "
by Secret Letters July 21, 2013
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A nice boy with a good heart and is very brave boy respects other people

Likes to play games
And is an amazing singer
Alberto is impeccable
by Ninjatito124 August 24, 2017
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The name of a male who is laid back & funny. He may have amazing soft brown hair, and his eyes are like dark honey. When the sun hits them, they glow so bright, & you cant help but to just stare. He comes off as quiet or cold, but is secretly loving. Although, he may be the type to be mysterious, as you spend time with him, you start to notice how much he cares. The feeling of comfort, safeness and warmth when in the arms of him. As this begins, you cant help but to get a feeling in you're heart. You may not realize today, or day after that, but as time goes on, no matter what the relation ship may be; friends or lovers, you realize that feeling is love.
"His eyes were like dark honey, skin like caramel, hair soft as a kittens fur"

" Someone sounds head over heels"

" If you were ever to see what i do in Alberto, you would understand"
by A + A <3 July 13, 2021
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A person (usually of hispanic decent) who is very overly self-confident with woman and is a party animal who likes to dance but is also very attractive and athletic. This person also says some of the most ridicuous and dumb but funny statements at random times and loves to have fun. Most of all, this person is incredibly unpredictable and will use his athletic abilities to do dumbass but hilarious things.
I think he had alot to drink and is having a good time acting like a crazy mofo with the ladies. He sure is acting like an Alberto tonight.
by jorge iglesias November 8, 2009
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