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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Music, Ms. Christina Aguilera!

1) A charismatic and humble singer that has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and won 6 Grammy Awards.

2) The Unbreakable Flower songwriter who can sing lots of genres: Rock, Pop, Old Blues, Country, Soul, Jazz, Opera, Disco, Reggae, Reggaeton, Latin, Salsa, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Christina Aguilera is as diverse as they come. Being compared to music legends from Whitney Houston to Madonna to Janet Jackson, she has proven her versatility and range as both an artist and performer.

3) She is just a few of the many artists of today that truly know the art of music. Always one step ahead of other pop stars musically, prolifically, style wise, and talent wise.
Norma: If Madonna is the Queen of Pop, then who is the Queen of Music?

Marilyn: Why it’s, Christina Aguilera. She can sing anything, any genre, any style. She has the icon pop quality of Elvis, Michael Jackson and Prince. What a gift!
by ZiZi260 November 20, 2021
The Marilyn Monroe of Pop: Talented, beautiful, graceful, lovable, classy, magnetic, intelligent, bold and passionate. She was a queen from the day she was born for having incredible stage presence and chemistry, and being simply very beautiful to look at.
1) I just love it when Christina Aguilera holds a note. It's such an eargasm!
2) Christina Aguilera has the most angelic voice that just captures my heart so completely. She's my dream woman in every way.
3) People overuse the term "stunning" but that's what Christina Aguilera really is.
4) Christina Aguilera is the very epitome of beauty and glamour. And that's why she is loved by both men and women.
5) There are too many Christina's today but the original is a ridiculously attractive woman. I would absolutely flip for her.
by ZiZi260 July 22, 2014