The Afterlife is the continued existence of the soul believed to follow death. Most cultures have some belief in an afterlife and perception is usually influenced by the dominant religion of the times. Depending on your religion or lack there of, the afterlife may be viewed as a very pleasent or very unpleasent experience; or completely non-existent.

Some versions of the afterlife inculde: Asgard, Valhalla, Hel, Paradise, Summerland, Nirvana, Elysium, The Spirit World, Elsewhere, Heaven, Hell, Avalon, Astral Plane, Happy Hunting Ground, Limbo, Sheol
There are many versions of the afterlife, which one would you pick?
by OneBadAsp October 25, 2006
How you define afterlife usually depends on your religion; now that's not my area of expertise, but I do believe that there IS an afterlife. Because people can't ultimately die; subconsciously we pass on our traits: our laughter, our thoughts, our values, our beliefs, etc.
These are parts of who we are, parts that we can't take to the grave and won't rot away with our body. Plus, I don't think people can stand the fact of saying the big 'Good-bye'. So afterlife is a way of thinking positive, even if there never is real proof. Belief is a strong emotion; it can do miracles.
Where do you think you'll end up after this sh*tty life?
What kind of afterlife will we be in?
by causeidontsayfck February 8, 2009
After you die, you will enter the 'afterlife.' This is the realm some believe in where you die and become a ghost. If you're a ghost, you can do whatever you want. No-one will see you as you are invisible to mortals. The grim reaper will be waiting for you. Doomsday might lead you there too.
When I die I hope I enter the afterlife.
by the one everyone hates February 23, 2018
A song by American hard rock band Avenged Sevenfold. The song is the fourth on their self-titled album and features a string orchestra. It was written by the band's drummer, The Rev. The song is about a man who dies early and finds himself in heaven. Upon entering, he realizes that he has too many things to do on Earth, and to go back and make it right he has to escape from the afterlife.
I don't belong here, we gotta move on dear. Escape from this Afterlife.
by Risown April 20, 2009
What happens to you after your body dies, where your soul goes after death, another existence. Many cultures and religions have different views on the afterlife. Many believe our actions in this life are judged and will effect the afterlife. Others believe in reincarnation. A consistent, vast majority of human population believes in some form of afterlife. Quantum Physics/Mechanics and other sciences show other existences and certainly possible, not to mention other theories on unknown dimensions, alternate universes, etc. Only atheists deny any sort of afterlife, and think they are superior for it, possibly due to a fear of judgment.
"Valhalla is the afterlife Norse Mythology envisioned for fallen warriors and heroes of their culture."
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
An alternate existence after the end of this existence. The concept originated due to a lack of understanding of what it is like to not exist that eventually lead to a fear in non existence and thus allowed the concept of the afterlife to flourish. In today's world some use Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Entanglement or the lack of understanding of qualia to support an afterlife on a scientific level. However overall the belief in an afterlife is on a decline according to recent surveys on the Gallop Poll.
What do we experience in the afterlife?

Passive Theist: Our Soul either goes to Heaven or Hell or is Reincarnated

Christian Theist: I am going to heaven, you are going to hell.

Passive Atheist: The same thing that happens before we were born

Militant Atheist: Don't ask me stupid questions

Agnostic: I don't know

by Invisible Pills August 10, 2008
It’s when you take a deceased friend or family’s ashes, mix it with cocaine, and proceed to snort it
Jon-“damn dude, that afterlife line was strong, i can feel my great grandpa inside of me!”
by Mr.SwissCheese December 5, 2017