The kind-hearted main heroine in Final Fantasy VII. Selfless and demure, Aeris wins the love of Cloud, the game's protagonist. Aeris gave her life to save the planet, and Cloud remembers her sacrifice two years later in the sequel, Advent Children.

See also: Aeris, Aerith.
Aeris convinced Cloud to cross-dress in order to save their friend, Tifa.
by Chika July 22, 2005
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Evil flower-selling bitch from Final Fantasy VII. Throws a spanner in the delicate works of Cloud and Tifas relationship. Disguised as a kind, selfless lady, this is a lie. She is rude to Cloud in the new Advent Children trailer.
She wears a stupid pink dress and is whiny and annoying. She gets stabbed by Sephiroth and deis. Cloud dumps her body in a lake. Everyone rejoices.
AERIS: "How about you be my bodyguard?"
CLOUD: "Er...okaaaaaay"
A:"We can go on one date! As a payment"
C: "I have a girlfriend"
A: "Is that Tifa?" *points* "She looks kinda odd"
C: "I have to rescue her from Don."
A: "I'm coming!"
C: "NO!! You aren't meant to be here. Piss off"
by LuBeLu May 15, 2005
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