A fun, caring and timid person. She has the heart of gold and you can expect her to be on your side. She values family, friends and her love partner a lot. But be aware not to steal her cookies!!!!!!!!
Pearl: my friend dumped me
Suhaani: well my friend would never

Pearl: oh really!? What’s her name
Suhaani: Aeris
Pearl: k......(crying)
by Alex and Ari January 02, 2020
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æri is basically the user of my channel but I removed the first and last letters for a challenge, so ye...
Æri looks like Eri but with the Æ
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Aeri is a skillful free-spirited individual who does not conform with what the society tells her to be and lives her life to the fullest. She can either be charismatic or be fluffball depending on the situation she's in.
That girl performing onstage and commanding everyone's attention must be an Aeri.
by yutaAaAaAa June 07, 2021
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A word used to describe EXO-L's . Created by The genius idol " Byun Baekhyun " when he wanted to express how he considers EXO'L's as his daughters . Also , taken from the letter "L".
When you're an Aeri , you're an EXO-L and Baekhyun's daughter as well.
- Are you an Exo fan ?
•Yes , I'm an Aeri !

-I can't stop loving EXO , I'm an Aeri forever !
by Lkbg23 February 19, 2021
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