The coolest damπ people ever. These are the guys and girls who have skillfully kindled the roaring flame within that is the spirit of adventure. They live off of the thrill of exploring, battling, and justice. While others are being boring they go off to fight the forces of evil! You could sit anywhere and look around and the only way to tell who is an adventurer is to look for bags under their eyes. They don't sleep, justice NEVER sleeps.
Bob: "Where's Chris and Emma?"

Andrew: "Oh they're in they're fighting a forest wizard."

Bob: "Oh cool! I know Adventurers!!
by amazingboy97 November 29, 2010
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What every girl on tinder says she likes while she watches Netflix all day
Take me on an adventure.... To my couch so we can Netflix and chill
by Mrxsmith12 February 13, 2016
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something that is most likely a very, very bad idea, but sounds like it would be exciting, so you try it anyway
Let's go to North Korea! It would be an adventure!
by foltor August 8, 2005
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Someone who travels and battles evil only to be stopped by an arrow in the knee.
City Guard: I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee...
by Link998 May 18, 2013
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A group of people with the proverbial grape fruit sized testicles that will try anything, anywhere, anytime.
Those adventurers sure are cool as they will try anything!
by Axel F April 7, 2006
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For some it’s a new pair of underwear, a different route to work or a new pizza topping. For other’s it’s a life threatening outdoor experience that makes life worth living. The experience usually involves loss of digits, limbs, friends or all of the above.
“That trail looks rideable”
“I have a bad feeling about it”
“It will be an adventure
“We might die”
“We might not”
by Aquanetta A October 8, 2009
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The act of exploring adventuring or shananiganing somewhere or in someplace which one has never before experienced. See also uberadventurizing: experiencing a place which NOBODY has ever been. See also antiadventurizing: doing absolutely nothing while simultaneously having no friends and living life to the emptiest.
Carl, Russell, Dug, and Kevin (large flightless bird) went adventurizing throigh the forest and found paradise falls.

Adventurizing is usually done by the coolest people on the planet. These people can be classified as either a Kyle or a Zoe.
by fi-hy June 20, 2013
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