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To sexually dominate someone, specifically a submissive partner, often by speaking harshly and causing physical pain.
'I didn't think she would be any good at topping, being such a meek little thing, but she's hell on wheels with a spiked strap!'
by Dominique January 02, 2005
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Of Irish origin, meaning (for a male) to slide their hands up a woman's top and touch her breasts over her bra!!
Person 1: How far did you get at wezz? (disco)
Person 2: she let me top her
Person 1: Wow so you are in with the art of topping!
by Ginger nerd..... :) September 17, 2011
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When a lesbian fucks another lesbian using a strap-on for pleasure.
Topping is amazing. Last night my girlfriend topped me for the first time and made me cum.
by lesbo7988 December 27, 2014
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The elite act of coding or programming for the TOPSS application. The term is used strictly for those elite programmers associated with the TOPSS application.
I can't go to that meeting right now, I'm busy topping.

Look at Jeremy, he is topping hard!
by WackoWizard January 15, 2013
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Defecating on top of someone else's food at a restaurant. As made famous by Penny Arcade's May 20th, 2011 Comic Strip entitled "It's Sweeping the Nation."
Dude, I'm at an Applebee's topping some guy's Southwest Egg Rolls!
by RedYoshi May 20, 2011
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Toppings are assigned to KOOL people. (that's with "k")
Your topping depends on you and your personality.
It also depends on how you relate to the people/person who assigns it to you.
-What should Indiana Jones's topping be!?
It should be something just like sprinkles, thats NOT sprinkles.
-What should Tanner's topping be!?
He isn't a topping.
He is The Ice Cream.
Gelato, to be exact.
by peachykeenjillybean June 13, 2009
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