To sexually dominate someone, specifically a submissive partner, often by speaking harshly and causing physical pain.
'I didn't think she would be any good at topping, being such a meek little thing, but she's hell on wheels with a spiked strap!'
by Dominique January 2, 2005
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When a lesbian fucks another lesbian using a strap-on for pleasure.
Topping is amazing. Last night my girlfriend topped me for the first time and made me cum.
by lesbo7988 December 27, 2014
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you be topping??
she be topping??
steph topped you of?
by Wonald07 October 3, 2006
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The active verbal counterpart of top related to internet message boards.
The moderators did not approve of the topping of such offensive topics.
by johnleemk March 18, 2005
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When a cadet at fork union military academy presumably sucks on a staff members schlong, so they can have power within the school system
Adam Nazar: Maj. Mcombs, I shined my boots today so I can be cool just like you
Drayton: Damn Nazar, you topping him

Nazar: Colonel krogh, All of the internet in the barracks is unblocked, and I think that I am a fucking angel, so can I get higher rank?
Moyer: Damn Adam, you are sucking this mans speech impedemented dick, you topper
by FUMA Topping September 27, 2018
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